Grape processing.

After picking the grapes and the great lunch we go down the adega for the grape processing.
The process for the white grapes and the red ones for the rose will be the same.
Outside we have a machine that will torn the grapes from its cluster.
The grapes and juices are transported through a tube which goes down the adega. In the adega, the grapes will be pressed.
The juice goes into the INOX tanks.



The process for the different kind of red grapes is the same.
The clusters will pass the machine were the grapes will be torn from its branches.
The grapes and the juices go down the adega through a tube.
In the adega the most ends in big plastic open tanks with a maximum capacity of 750 litres.
It stays in these tanks for(5 or 6 days) fermentation. This process will be followed very accurately twice a day.



After the first fermentation ( 5 to 6 days) the grapes will be pressed and together with the juices it will be pumped into the INOX tanks.
Some of them go straight into the oak barrels.



A lot has changed since wine making became a business, since the one and a half hectares became 4 hectares.
The harvest of 2014 was a hell of a job to be picked with family, friends and neighbours.
The harvests still to come will be bigger and bigger.

foto AmforaK