Back in Time

In the early days, when winemaking was just a hobby and Quinta Rosa was not yet a business, we had an abundance of homemade products. In addition to liqueurs, we produced jams and pressed delicious olive oil from our own olives, cold-pressed and from the first pressing. Nevertheless, all these products have faded into the background because running an organic vineyard requires a lot of work. Our 60 olive trees still provide us with a rich harvest every year. The vineyard has grown from half a hectare to an impressive 3 hectares. Our adega, where the wine is produced and aged, now covers 220 square meters. The wooden press has been replaced by a stainless steel press, and where there were once small stainless steel tanks, now stand tanks with a capacity of up to 1500 liters.

At Quinta Rosa, we strive not to let anything go to waste from what the land has to offer us. That’s why, alongside our wines, homemade products will always exist under “Naturally JAAP.”