some history

Jaap remembers the first time he produced his wine out of 200kg of grapes…
The wine really didn’t taste good, it was put in a distillation-kettle to be turned into alcohol
and this alcohol was used for the production of his fruit liqueurs.
Nowadays, Jaap produces 20 different fruit liqueurs.
Near the vineyard there are lots of different fruit trees, in total 400 orange and mandarin,
nectarine, peach, apple, pear, cherries, apricot, olive and even avocado trees.
Most of these fruit trees are perfect for the liqueur production, as the label on the bottle tells you.

In the beginning as wine making was still a hobby and Quinta Rosa not a business, we had a lot of home made products.
Besides the liqueurs we had our jams and marmalades and from the olives we made our great olive oil.
Extra virgem, pressed cold, first pressing.
The jams and marmalades are still there and every year we have a big harvest from the 60 olive trees.
Still, these products quietly disappear to the background because of all the work an organic vineyard needs.
Through the years the vineyard expanded from half a hectare till 4 hectares and the ardega where the wines are made measures 220 m2.
The wooden winepress from the old days is now a modern INOX one and as we started with small INOX tanks for the wine we use ones up till 1500 litres.
On Quinta Rosa we don’t like to waist anything offered by nature.
So beside the wines, there will always be home made products from “Naturally” JAAP.