Vineyard Quinta-Rosa Algarve

Jaap a contractor from Amsterdam starts a vineyard in the Algarve.
Sounds weird, right?
You really have a mind of your own to start something like this!




The wines from the Algarve don’t have a big appreciation, yet Jaap decided to leave his company in Amsterdam to become a wine producer in the Algarve.
It took a while but finally the first, good quality, harvest was picked in 2011, by than his vineyard was just 2 hectars big.
It takes quite some time to find your way in Portugal. In 2012, JAAP and his girlfriend
Renee ended up at the CVA (Comissao Vitivinicola do Algarve) for an official registration of the wines.
From that time on JAAP wines are Vinho Regional Algarve.




It was our first choice from the beginning to create good biological (organic) wines.
A vineyard without chemicals and wines without additives, made in the traditional way,
fermented with the natural yeast cells on the grapes, delivered by nature.
A honest product, wine from our terroir (soil), the only extra taste you’ll find is the one from our oak barrels.
The soil from Silves, nice red clay with lots of stones and minerals in it.
All these elements make our wines full of taste and colour.
We grow 8 different kind of red grapes and 1 kind of white grapes.
These differences supply us with  large varieties of wines. Sometimes as a single brand but most of the time in a blend.
The white variety is the chardonnay grape, NOT matured in oak but full of fruit flavours and freshness.
The use of single syrah grapes for the rose wines make them beautiful dark pink and like the rest of the wines, full of taste.
As owners of 4 hectares wine rights, we planted an extra 2 hectares in 2012.
As an experiment we planted a grape, Tinto Cão.
A long forgotten kind of grape with a wonderful taste but low in production and therefore not as popular anymore.
We can hardly wait for its first harvest!
To own a vineyard is a big adventure. Again, every year!