Tours and Wine Tastings

For tours and wine tastings, you can always reach out to us by phone or email.



A tour and wine tasting with us typically lasts about one and a half hours. Upon arrival, you’ll be welcomed by Jaap. While he takes you on the tour, our adega (wine cellar) will be prepared for your visit.

During the tour, Jaap will share fascinating stories about the inception of our organic vineyard, the intensive maintenance, and introduce you to the ancient craftsmanship of the vineyard keeper. He’ll passionately talk about the grapes, olive trees, cork oaks, livestock, and gladly answer all your questions.

After the tour, we’ll visit our adega, where Jaap will share the traditional methods of winemaking and the organic aspect. Here, you can taste our wines, accompanied by delicious Portuguese bread, our exquisite olive oil, and, of course, a selection of four different tapas. Additionally, there’s an opportunity to purchase some of our wines.

The cost for a tour and wine tasting is €25.00 per person, including VAT. The minimum number of participants is 4 and the maximum is 14.

Please note that during the busy harvest season, usually in the month of August, we do not organize tours and wine tastings.